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Focus more on your patient care, whilst we manage your cash flow and multiply your healthcare revenue with our end-to-end revenue cycle management service.  

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MHRCM provides Revenue Cycle Management Services for Healthcare Providers. We apply our expertise to enable seamless billing service for healthcare providers across the country. We are a team made of the best minds in the industry, who will be the driving force of your revenue growth.  

Diminish your medical claim rejections and risk of errors with our legitimate coding and medical billing process. Our experts implement the latest therapy and medical billing practice to acquire faster reimbursements. Register with our effortless onboarding process and partner with MHRCM to improve your healthcare performance without billing stress.

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Our Areas of Expertise


Eliminate the billing pain out of healthcare with our medical billing services. Maximize your revenue while minimizing the cost. Talk with our experts today!


Haul in your payment faster with our therapy-specific EMR and Revenue Management Solutions. Get accurate claim submission with our proven practices.


Dental RCM solutions support dental groups, single practices, and Dental Support organizations throughout the country.

ABA Therapy Billing

Our Proven Therapy Billing Services

Don’t make your therapy session more complicated just because of the billing procedure. Our Affordable RCM services help therapy providers to achieve accurate claims and faster reimbursements. Get our commercial billing service today.  

Pre-authorization for ABA Therapy Billing

Get your appropriate payment collection for the services rendered to reduce the denials and follow-up on the same with our pre-authorization service. We ensure that your ABA therapy procedures are preauthorized by insurers and track the approval, rejections, and resubmission in real-time. Get our affordable pre-authorization service to perceive insurance coverage for your therapy sessions.

ABA Therapy Eligibility Verification

Avoid claim resubmissions and demographic rejections with our accurate insurance eligibility verification service for every therapy. Improve upfront collections and patient satisfaction with an end-to-end verification process. Make your claim accepted at the first attempt with MHRCM.

Credentialing Services

MHRCM is consistently up to date with the terms and conditions of government and private insurers to provide a better patient experience. Avoid future payment conflicts by understanding the prerequisites of reimbursements. Streamline your Revenue Cycle Management with our decades of expertise.

Billing Services

Billing interruptions and errors in billing will ultimately affect your timeliness of reimbursements and cash flow. With our expertise in medical billing, we ensure that your claims are submitted accurately and promptly to decrease the rejection and denial of claims. Save dollars by outsourcing your medical bill with our affordable Revenue Cycle Management Service for accurate submission and faster reimbursement. We can also help you maximize reimbursements on future claims.

ABA Therapy Denial Management Services

Attending denied claims may impact your productivity and revenue generation. Leave your efforts on this time-consuming process with MHRCM’s denial management services. Although we understand that various intricacies are involved in dealing with insurance companies, we transect them without any hassles with our expertise. In addition, our team ensures that all documents are clean and complete before resubmission to reduce the possibility of claim denials.

AR Follow-up for ABA Therapy Billing

Make your financial stability solid and minimize the time for outstanding accounts with our AR follow-up service. Our Account Receivable follow-up process includes initial evaluation, analyzing and prioritizing, and collection of accounts & claim details. Delay in payments can impact your revenue cycle management and destabilize your cash flow. Therefore, we are highly dependent on maintaining a positive cash flow, tracking overdue invoices, and sending reminders to defaulters to pay.

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